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by Katie Eckeberger

The BEST GF Sandwich Bread!!! June 16, 2009

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bread I’ve purchased GF breads, tried making   my own from recipes, and have baked from mixes that I have found. Through all of this, one brand has really stood out to me as the best-tasting and easiest bread to make. It’s this Gluten-Free Pantry “Favorite Sandwich Bread Mix.” Sorry the quality of the picture isn’t great, but I at least wanted to show the quality loaf of bread the mix gave me! And the taste is fantastic! I’ve noticed that GF flours and flour mixes tend to be less sweet than wheat, so I’ll add a tablespoon or two of honey and the sweetness is just right.

When I first saw the picture on the box of the perfectly shaped, soft, fluffy white bread I thought, “Yeah, right!” Even though my loaf is not perfect, the texture was no lie! It is soft, lightweight and fluffy!

The icing on the cake is that this bread is super easy to make! You just dump all the ingredients into the stand mixer and mix together, let rise for about 40 minutes and bake for a little less than that. Voila! Amazingly delicious GF Sandwich bread.

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One Response to “The BEST GF Sandwich Bread!!!”

  1. Brian Says:

    Thanks for reminding me! I received a box of this mix as a gift once, and it truly was amazing! I’m a pretty decent baker, but all the recipes I’ve tried were not as good (and easy) as this one. I’ll be buying more of this mix soon!

    If, however, you’d like to bake from a recipe, I recommend Natalie’s Millet Oatmeal Bread. It’s very good and has a whole-grain taste to it. The recipe can be found at:

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