Gluten Free Nashville

by Katie Eckeberger

Cafe Latte : ) August 18, 2009

For the past two months, I’ve been working at a local coffee shop called Cafe Latte in the Cool Springs Galleria (Franklin, TN – also a location in Murfreesboro).

First of all, we have GREAT drinks. I recommend anyone to come there.

It may not be the first thought of a GF consumer to worry about beverages, but its especially important to be concerned with what’s in your coffee. It used to be as simple as a cup-a-joe, but now coffee involves milk or soy, flavored syrups, espresso and mysterious powders. With everything going into the drinks, there’s always a possibility of hidden gluten ingredients or cross-contamination, so I decided to look into it…

The products Cafe Latte uses are from the following companies:

Big Train (powders for smoothies, chai and frozen coffees)

Torani Flavored Syrups

Ghirardelli (ground white and semi-sweet chocolate, caramel sauce)

Jet Smoothies

I have personally contacted these companies and all have verified for me whether their products are or are not GF and good news! They’re ALL GLUTEN FREE!!!

Big Train products are GF, but are not completely void of cross-contamination.

There are only 4 flavors of Torani syrups that contain gluten (Toasted Marshmallow, Sugar-free French Vanilla, Sugar-free Classic Caramel and Classic Caramel). All other flavors are GF.

Jet Smoothies and Ghirardelli powders are GF and contaminate free.

I would not recommend someone who is extremely gluten intolerant to have anything but our fresh brewed coffee, or a latte with no flavors. There is too much powder dust flying through the air, re-use of dishes, and drops of liquid flying around to risk your health. But for the most part, Cafe Latte is a safe place to get a blended mocha freezuccino, a mango madness smoothie or a chai tea latte. And of course our drinks are delicious!  (I recommend and iced soy coconut latte or amaretto and steamed milk in your coffee – delish!)

So, stop by the coffee stand in the Galleria or the NEW Cafe Latte Coffee Co. in Murfreesboro and rest assured you’re gonna get a GREAT GF drink!

live well,