Gluten Free Nashville

by Katie Eckeberger

about this blog… April 28, 2009

My name is Katie Eckeberger, I’ve been GF for over a year now and I’m starting a blog  for those of us in the Nashville area that have to or choose to eat Gluten Free (GF).  I’m sure you’re thinking, “Ummm… don’t you know that this type of thing already exists???” and the answer is “Yes.” However, I intend for this blog to be much more than a restaurant guide.

It will be educational: I will post articles and excerpts from material I’m reading about the GF lifestyle.

It will be helpful: I’ll be a guide to your GF dining experience, offering suggestions as well as a brief review of each restaurant I visit.

It will be informative: From time to time I may post easy, inexpensive recipes or share some GF products that I love.

And it will be fun: I will try to post video clips and photos of some of my GF experiences, so you can see what I’m up to.

I hope all of you will stay tuned as I build my site! And I’m ALWAYS interested to hear stories, get recipes, and receive tips from all of you so contact me if there’s something you’d like to share.

keep on livin’,



One Response to “about this blog…”

  1. Hi Katie,

    Your mom said you have some great tips to share regarding eating gluten free. My six-year-old daughter has gluten, wheat and dairy allergies and I’m looking for any help I can get on things to have her try that might actually taste good especially when it comes to breads! I’ve enjoyed your blog but anything else you can send my way would be great!

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